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This email has left me speechless...

Hi Dawn, We really enjoyed ourselves at your "Dawn's Vintage Weekender.


FRIDAY: The accommodation was good although we had upgraded and the food also was good. There were Jive and Stroll workshops in the ballroom which would definitely come in handy for the Fifties Theme night later in the evening. I made the mistake of not learning to dance the Jive as it was danced a lot throughout the evening. Should you want to come to a Dawn’s Vintage Weekender just to enjoy the atmosphere and not dress up, that’s fine. If you just want to dress up in vintage clothing from your favourite era, that’s great. Should you want to dress up in authentic clothing for each featured year, fantastic! My wife and I dressed in our fifties clothing for the evening. My wife had bought a lovely fifties, low cut dress with netting petticoats underneath for only £11 at a sale, on line, at Lindy Bop. My suit, double breasted, pin striped, turned up trousers, 100% original. I found it in a charity shop. The jacket £10 and the trousers £3. The bow tie came from China at only £1.35. (I bought three). There was bingo as usual.

There was no children’s entertainment as being an adult only weekend there were no children. The entertainment was fantastic and the ladies, twirling around in the fifties skirts, revealed a glimpse of thigh, looking lovely as they jived. The surprise of the evening was when Dawn got up and sang. She certainly could sing! She was brilliant! I wrongly thought she was the organiser and hostess (all be it, the hostess with the moistest, as you will see when you go to one of Dawn’s Vintage events.) and had no idea that she was also a first-class entertainer.

SATURDAY: Breakfast was followed by a swim and after that a quiz. We didn’t win the quiz. But considering there were tables of six and eight and there were only two of us we didn’t do too badly. We can remember the songs from the sixties, but wouldn’t have a clue what is popular today. We had gone for a walk, but it rained and we ended up back in the ballroom, drinking a beer and watching the movie “Dirty Dancing”. This came in very handy for a bit of dirty dancing on the dance floor later on. Dawn was wearing what I can only describe as “a water melon” dress. (I know she’ll hate me for calling it that.) But she did look lovely in it! The dress was a low-cut fifties dress which was the colours of a watermelon, bright red with black spots, turning to green at the bottom. And what beautiful melons they were! After dinner we again dressed up. This time in our sixties gear. My wife had found a sixties style dress in her wardrobe which she shortened. I bought a shirt in a hippy shop for a tenner and beads from a charity shop for £1. The biggest surprise of the evening was the show which I was not expecting. The theme of the show was the sixties TV show “READY, STEADY, GO,” complete with retro TV camera. It was really good and I do mean, really good. It was as good as any West End Musical. Perhaps it had been one, if not it certainly could be. After the show my wife and I took to the dance floor. My wife likes to dance but I’m not a great dancer. (my two left feet and no rhythm, might have something to do with it.) But I found myself dancing. Now let me ask you this, “When was the last time you did the Twist?” “I can’t remember either,” but there we were twisting and loving it. So, my dancing is not much good, but who cares, we were enjoying ourselves. And didn’t the ladies look lovely, after all the sixties was the era of the mini skirt.

SUNDAY: Again, there was yet another surprise for me. I knew there was going to be a “Retro” Market. But it was much bigger then I was expecting. Not much for men mind you, but everything for the ladies. The lady’s toilet was full of women trying on dresses. I guess we’ll see them at next year’s Dawn’s Vintage Weekender. My wife again had bought her dress on the internet for £18. I’d always wanted to buy myself a “boater” jacket. You know, they type you see at the Henley Regatta. This was a good excuse to buy one. It too, was in the sales at half price of £55. After Dawn’s Vintage Weekender I will be able to wear it from time to time. A boater hat off the internet for £10, a bow tie and our 1920’s outfits were complete. Sunday evening was to be the “Gatsby Party”. I was expecting, dancing to a disco and if I were lucky perhaps a band. They should change the name to the Gatsby Spectacular. The entertainment was more than spectacular. Dawn introduced the Gatsby dancer, who after entertaining us with 1920 dances including the Charleston taught the guests to dance. I have never seen so many people on a dance floor. There must have been close to two hundred people dancing. I have never seen so many glamorous evening gowns in my life. The light flashed off more sequins then there are stars in the Milky way. After a trio of lovely ladies sang songs which weren’t all from the 1920’s we were entertained by a dazzling Burlesques Show. I know what you are thinking, guys, “Burlesques, isn’t that where women take off their clothing to music?” “Yes” but it is much more than. It is all very tasteful, very glamorous, and the girls stop, but only just in time. Would we go again? WE CERTAINLY WOULD. But I might just learn to Rock and Roll before we go.

J. Jones


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