Retro Bingo


Due to current lockdown rules, the 'real life' Bingo events in Chichester are moving to Zoom for the time being

We will be back in the real world as soon as we can

The real life Retro Bingo nights were going so unbelievably well so it's a massive shame we've had to put them on hold until lockdown is over. So in order to 'keep clam & carry on', I'm taking the events over to Zoom!

I can guarantee a fabulous fun filled time and at least now you can all sing, scream BINGO and dance in safety without me nagging you to stop!

You can expect all the usual mayhem from me! Songs, games, challenges and of course Bingo & Quiz!

In order to take part, you simply need to email to book a 'Zoom window' and each person on your sofa who wants to have their own Bingo card needs to pay £5 (+booking) I will email over the link for the cards on game day! If you have people on your sofa who don't want to play Bingo, that's fine but at least 1 ticket must be bought per window and you can have as many playing people on your sofa as you like! 

There will of course be a BEST DRESSED competition and lots of surprises from me


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