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Retro Bingo

I am most definitely a natural-born Bingo caller but don't be fooled into thinking that a Retro Bingo event is the standard Bingo! You can expect music & mayhem along the way plus lots of added extras such as quizzes and games designed especially for the audience in hand. Whether you come along to one of my own Bingo events, or you book me to host an event for you, the prizes and conduct will be carefully planned and designed to be highly entertaining and as wholesome or naughty as is needed

Various era themes are available to suit different events - please ask for more information!

Planning an event? Have a venue? Just need the entertainment?

Here's some questions i'd need answered before giving you a cost

  • Is it weekday or weekend?

  • Daytime or evening?

  • Is the Bingo the standalone entertainment or part of a larger event?

  • Do you have a venue in mind?

  • Where is it (even a town if you haven't got a venue yet)?

  • What sort of people will be playing and how many? Your friends and family or customers/staff?

  • Are you selling tickets or funding this?

  • Will you supply prizes or prefer me to (these can be anything from tins of spam to vouchers!)?

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—Pngtree—kraft paper tape fixing tape_5554353_edited.png

My Retro Bingo nights are available to attend in person and online too!
The online version is ideal for for remote teams or friends alike.


Upcoming event

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Get in touch if your venue or group need Bingo!

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Popular themes

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Retro Bingo online: How it works