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The Dickie Bows and Petticoats Club


Calling all sassy seniors - you're invited to monthly lunchtime extravaganza right in the heart of Chichester. Step into an afternoon of glamour, cheeky charm, and timeless entertainment at the Dickie Bows and Petticoats Club! 


Designed to bring seniors looking for fun and friendship, each club features vintage and cabaret themed fun - including burlesque & comedy - complete with a show and a playful round of Retro Bingo, rounded off with a light lunch and unlimited tea/coffee! What more could you ask for?

Be as involved as you like or sit back and enjoy the spectacle.

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Next Dickie Bows and Petticoats Club:
28th May 12-2pm. Pallant Suite, Chichester. PO19 1SY.

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Thank you to all of our sponsors and donators who made the launch possible. 


Ticket Information

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We understand the importance of fun and friendship, and that's why we've made it our mission to keep this club affordable for all and thanks to fundraising efforts at Chichester Cabaret Club, we can do just that.
For just £10 per person, you can revel in two hours of delightful entertainment, scrumptious food, and the chance to make cherished new friends—all right in the heart of the City of Chichester.


Join us for an afternoon filled with laughter, shared stories, and the vibrant energy of like-minded seniors. This isn't just a club; it's a welcoming community where you can experience the joy of connection without breaking the bank.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to add a touch of glamour and fun to your days. Come be a part of the Dickie Bows and Petticoats Club—a place where the golden years are truly golden. We can't wait to welcome you with open arms and ensure that your senior years are filled with laughter, friendship, and endless joy.

Book your tickets below

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If you prefer not to book using online platforms, you can buy tickets in person. Just get in touch via email with me below.

Don't use online booking?

All About Why!

I've been an entertainer for more years than I can remember. For more background info, go to ABOUT ME page

In 2011 I did my first vintage gig in a care home practically by accident and I haven't looked back since. The last 12 years of my career has been a beautiful mixed bag of shows, appearances, events and private bookings which centre around immersive entertainment - vintage and/or cabaret (some call Vaudeville). During the lockdown of 2020/21 I gave my time to a charity called Dementia Support who i'd performed for in real life on a regular basis since it opened in 2018 but of course with the pandemic, all in-person entertainment ceased so I gave my time to them in a different way; I would do weekly take overs of their Youtube channel and perform virtually for those stuck at home feeling isolated and in need of cheering up during those long hard days. This was for the carers, families and of course those living with Dementia.


Many years before this, in around 2014, I had a chance meeting with a local councillor whilst we both appeared on a radio programme and we got talking off air about combatting lonliness and isolation in the over 70s and of course with my experience of performing in care homes and retirement complexes,  I agreed that more needed to be done to combat this and offer something for seniors to get them up and out, meeting new people. Life and fun should not stop because of age. I've made it my lifes mission to prove that 'life after 50' isn't all downhill and there's plenty of life in the old girl yet! I lost my own father at exactly the age I am now  and so embracing every day and the fun it can offer is why I am like I am. He was such a fun person to be around and I miss his humour and the way he could make anyone laugh. People say I'm always busy and always pushing for more but life is for the taking and I'm not slowing down.


After the lockdowns lifted in 2021, I dreamt up 'Vintage Supper Club' and launched an 'early evening night out' which included a fish & chip supper and vintage entertainment for me. Things were slow to start - because there were still seniors who were afraid to go out after the pandemic or struggled to get there for the 5pm start. I perservered and we had some fabulous fun and I thank the regular crowd (including the 50+  'youngsters' who also attend my other events) for supporting it. However, I've taken some time to reflect and rethink the Vintage Supper Club and after much pondering, have decided that 5-8pm is still too late and I also want to take it in a slightly different direction. Read on...

If you poke aroud this website, you'll see my other offerings under the 'Dawn's Vintage Do' banner, and will discover that my 'other' passion lies in Cabaret/vaudeville/burlesque.  As a result of teaching the wonderful and empowering artform that is burlesque to every day folk, I launched my Chichester Cabaret shows to showcase students and fundraise for good causes - such as Cocos Foundation, Chichester Pride, Dementia Support and Refuge - and now have over a decades experience of producing and hosting evening extravaganzas which features burlesque, drag, comedy and anything else I can get from the wonderful array of acts on the scene. 

So the new direction I'm going in with Vintage Supper Club is to relauch under the titile of 'Dickie Bows and Petticoats Club' as an afternoon affair for sassy seniors. It's a toned down version of my Chichester Cabaret Club but in the daytime,  and with a nightclub feel -  acts will be carefully chosen to thrill but not offend and language will be clean but cheeky. This is for everyones Nan, Grandad, Auntie or Uncle and in need of cheering up or some fun injecting into their lives. I welcome younger adult family members (over 18s only) to bring them along and join in but this is really designed for them so come to the cabaret and introduce them to the new caba-fam and who knows, maybe one day there'll be a mini bus  to pick everyone up and it will be their 'thing' they can tell you tales of. 

Perhaps come with your loved ones first time to check it out and then perhaps consider joining the DB&PC team (see volunteer section below) 


The venue
Pallant Suite in the heart of the City with plenty of nearby parking in East Pallant

Afternoon Tea, Show & Bingo

Jam packed two hours of engaging fun designed for sassy seniors & their guests

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Want to Volunteer?

I want to grow an army of 'Dickies' and 'Petticoats' who will be individuals willing to come and join the fun but take a functional role too. They will assist in setting up and creating the fun, immersive atmosphere. I want to build a list of people who can also see the value of my aim for this community club, and who are willing to come and help out but also be a part of the show - either quietly behind the scenes or a more active part of the event.

A few hours to spare to come and give the sassy seniors an afternoon to remember. My grandparents would have LOVED this.


The Story So Far

View Gallery

The live stream videos I did for Dementia Support are still live on their channel. Here's an example.

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Sponsor or Support

Are you a business, group or individual who would like to contribute financially? To keep this low cost and achieve it's aims, it will need funding so please get in touch. In exchange you'll receive all the recognition you deserve.

Maybe you're someone who knows how to apply for funding for community projects? Get in touch

Be part of something new and
exciting for the community

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