Vintage Weekender 2018 Gallery

20's, 50's & 60's

In October 2018, the highly anticipated return of the 'Dawn's Vintage Weekender' at its new home on Hayling Island, Hampshire, it was the perfectly bonkers weekend away and dubbed a 'retreat for the soul'. A vintage escape from everyday modern life where guests could immerse themselves in my imagination.

Friday - Check in and 50s Night

Yellowcoats | Dawn's Vintage Do

Hi De Hi from chief Yellow Coats Amy, Dawn & Camp David

The Aphrodite Singers

A warm welcome during check in from The Aphrodite Singers

Brighton Jive

Jive & stroll tuition from Colin & Sue of Brighton Jive

Dawn's Vintage Radio

Sound track from Dawn's Vintage Radio DJ Terry Nicholas

Vintage Weekender 18 Dancing

Ballroom dance floor

Vintage Weekender 18 Hair And Beauty

Hair & Beauty Parlour all weekend

Greggi Gee & His Crazy Gang

Greggi Gee & His crazy Gang

Dawns Vintage Weekender 18 Stage

Ballroom stage

The Class Of 58

The Class of '58

Dawn Gracie

Prize draws

Terry Nicholas

Terry Nicholas spins the tunes

Saturday - Filled with holiday camp activities & 60s evening 

Vintage Weekender 18 Yellowcoats

Quiz morning

Vintage Weekender Games Arcade

Games arcade

Benefit Cosmetics

Make up demonstration from Benefit Cosmetics

Burlesque Workshop

Burlesque workshop with Dawn

Vintage Weekender Hair Parlour

Hair Parlour

Maddison Dance Workshop

Maddison dance workshop

Pin-Up Posing Workshop

Pin up posing workshop

Mill Ryth Onside Activities

Onsite activities - Pool tables

Mobility Scooter Derby

Mobility scooter derby

60's Night @ Dawn's Vintage Weekende

60s night in the Ballroom

Mill Rythe Entertainment

Live stage show from Mill Rythe entertainment team

Ready Steady Go Show At Mill Rythe

60s Ready Steady Go Show

Dawn's 60's Set

Dawn's 60s set

Dawn's Vintage Weekender

Twist the night away

Dawn's Vintage Weekender

So much love in the room

Dirty Dancing Party

Carrying watermelons to the late night Dirty Dancing party

Dirty Dancing Party

More watermelon fun

Terry Nicholas Spinning The Tunes

Terry Nicholas spinning the tunes at the late night Dirty Dancing party

Dirty Dancing Party

The Weekender team

Dirty Dancing Party

They carried a watermelon

Sunday - Hotties Village, daytime workshops & Gatsby Party

Vera Ukulele Workshop

Morning ukulele workshop with Vera

Playing The Ukulele

Getting the hang of it

Dawns Vintage Weekender

Hotties Vintage Village

Hotties Vintage Village in the ballroom

Dawn And Trish

Dawn & Trish (Hotties Vintage Village organiser)

Dawn's Vintage Weekender

Dawns Vintage Weekender

Dawns Vintage Weekender

Dawns Vintage Weekender

Dawns Vintage Weekender

Vintage Boudior Studio

Crafty Corner

Crafty Corner

Dawns Vintage Weekender

Dawns Vintage Weekender

Make up in the Beauty Parlour

Dawns Vintage Weekender

Dawns Vintage Weekender

Hair Parlour

Dawns Vintage Weekender

Shopping delights

Fashion Parade

Guest fashion parade

Dawns Vintage Weekender

Camp David

Benefit Cosmetics

Dawns Vintage Weekender

Dawns Vintage Weekender

Dawns Vintage Weekender

Knobbly Knees

Knobbly Knees

Knobbly knees winner

Ukulele Workshop Showcase With Vera

Ukulele workshop showcase with Vera

Best Dressed Competition

Best dressed competiton winners

Dawns Vintage Weekender

Gatsby evening kicks off with My Charleston Dance workshop

Savoy Kicks Dance Troupe

Savoy Kicks dance troupe

Dawn's Vintage Weekender

Let's charleston

My Charleston Dance Workshop

My Charleston dance workshop

Dawn's Vintage Weekender

Dawn & David aka Daisy & Gatsby

Dawn's Vintage Weekender

Dawn's Vintage Weekender


Bonnie Bootleggers take to the stage





The Gin House Burlesque troupe



Betsy Rose


Didi Derrierre


Demi Noire tribute to Josephine Baker



Jolie Papillon


Dawn's Vintage Weekender

Dawn's Vintage Weekender

Dawn's Vintage Weekender

It's a wrap

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