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Updated: May 23, 2019

Whether you are a dancer or observer, you will always be made to feel welcome at my events because I firmly believe that just because you're not a jiver, or may not have a dance partner, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to enjoy an evening of vintage tunes. At my VINTAGE WEEKENDER, I operate a 'Buddy' scheme where solo guests are made to feel part of the party  - story behind this, is that I grew up not being part of a 'scene' and so attended many events by myself and so know how it feels to be on the 'outside' I feel passionately about all guests being made welcome and zero cliques or stuffiness!

During the evening at my 'Very Vintage Evening', you will be treated to live performance from myself, and due to the success of my

previous 'VINTAGE STROLL SOCIALS' ,  Colin & Sue from Brighton Jive will be joining us again to teach a variety of classic 'strollers' so that even solo dancers can learn something new (and those more familiar can brush up, join in and likely learn a few new ones!)

There will be a CASH bar run by the lovely team from the Pallant Centre

Dawn will be selling some exciting things too.... watch this space!

Book now for a fun night out with zero pressure to do anything other than soaking up the atmosphere!

*There will be casual seating available & disabled access and facilities


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