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This may come as no surprise

During the process of writing my upcoming Vintage theatre show, I've found myself reflecting on some of my inspirations. Some are well known 'famous' people (I won't use the word 'celebrity' because most of my biggest inspirations were famous before the word 'celebrity' was invented), some are less well known and some are not even in the public eye. Of course I'll be revealing who these inspirations are and why during my show, but I thought I'd share one with you now. It may or may not come as a surprise that during my teenage years, the posters that adorned my bedroom walls, weren't of boy bands or even Athena posters (yes it was the 80's!), but it was in fact the Queen of reinvention herself Madonna!

This lady has been showing the world her talent in an incredibly unapologetic way since 1984 and the teenage me really admired her ballsy dedication. I aspired to be as bold and adventurous as Madonna but living in rural Norfolk, the dizzying heights of pop stardom didn't really seem attainable so I settled for adopting her style but sculpting my hair and wearing 'what the hell' clothing instead. I didn't mind how 'out there' I looked and my mother only once refused to let me leave the house due to what I was wearing. I'll save that explanation for the show!

My 'Audience with Dawn Gracie - Tales from the Dressing Room' show will be filled with anecdotes, songs and dance showcases. You will hear some deeply personal stories as well as some hilarious examples of my life as an entertainer.

I have booked TWO theatres in March for an evening of laughs, toe tapping tunes and awesome dance.

Find out more by visiting my website page here


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