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I feel like I’ve come in the biggest and most glorious circle!

Back in 2010, I had very itchy feet at work, and despite loving my job as a media advertising sales manager, I was really desperate to immerse myself in my (not so secret) passion for all things vintage. My daughter, despite not being overly obsessed with ‘vintage’ was (and still is) a lover of the wonderful brand Cath Kidston, and we would make regular trips to Winchester to buy countless bags and accessories (you can never have too many).

Then rumours started to circulate that Chichester was getting its very own store and we waited patiently for the doors to open! In fact, my daughter took things one step further and suggested I should apply for one of the part-time jobs in the store and despite already having a part-time job, I decided to apply ‘for fun’ and see what came of it as I hadn’t worked in retail for many years. I was thrilled to be offered a ‘Christmas casual’ position and I thought ‘what the heck! Let’s do this!’ I managed to juggle both my jobs and of course my media boss was very understanding as she knew I would graft hard to make it work.

I absolutely adored working at the new store in Chichester, made so many friends that I still have to this day, and often pop in to say hello and get my floral fix. What happened the following year which led me to becoming a full time vintage entertainer and event organiser is well documented on my website, but I still credit that beautiful shop and adorable group of co-workers as giving me the little nudge I needed to totally change my career.

So to be asked back nine years later - but this time as a performer - is like the most perfect example of serendipity because of course not only will I be swishing my petticoats back where it all began, but I will be able to hand out flyers for my big Vintage Weekender which was a dream bigger than I ever dared to dream back then.

Pop in and see me performing at Cath Kidston in South Street between midday and 2pm. There will be giveaways, goody bags and makeovers during the day and of course a winning welcome from me.



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