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10.5 years of burlesque at the Arundel Festival

I first joined the line up for the Arundel Festival of Arts (was Arundel Festival) in 2012 as a relatively fresh faced vintage singer who was just trying to get her name out there! It’s hard to think back to exactly what order these things happened in, but I think that year I was to sing during the day while the Vintage Parade market happened. The sun shone on us in the cute walled area of Jubilee Gardens situated near the south entrance to the castle. It was a glorious day and I recall being super nervous as I rustled through my (printed out) words as I hadn’t quite learnt the songs well enough by then. Nowadays I simply make the words up rather than read them as I do despise seeing performers with an ugly ipad or music stand right in front of them

as they perform. But we’ve all been there. That year, I also hosted a mini fashion show during the day, and took along some cheap feather boas to get people up on stage to do a mini ‘burlesque’ workshop as I’d recently qualified as an instructor and set up my own little Statrlet’s School of Burlesque. I’m not sure if we did a burlesque show that evening. I had been introduced to Ginger Von GoGo at some point, who was an Arundel resident and linked to the burlesque scene and the Festival committee saw it as a good pairing, but like I said, I’m not sure if we did a show that year because I have absolutely no photos other than the daytime vintage performance. Maybe someone reading this might have a better memory?

Where it all began 2012, 11 months after quitting my full time job to become a vintage singer and burlesque instructor

The following year, I came back to do a daytime vintage set and then followed it with another mini workshop but this time with upgraded boas that didn’t shed like chickens! I do have a few photos of mine and Gingers burlesque show that evening which went down very well, even with children sat front and centre! The thing to note here is that the stage in Jubilee Gardens, by the river, was an enclosed space, with a large bar, sponsored by a local pub. So the shows put on were 100% free and in the open air. We were so lucky that ALL the years I did this, we never had inclement weather. However, we were closely monitored by the council for decency and I believe it was this year where a representative actually came and inspected the performers ‘reveal’ costumes!

2013 and only a handful of photos to prove it