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The best legal high - Dec 8 2020

I’m still in shock if I’m honest with you. My big event at The Gaiety Southsea finally happened on Saturday evening and I can tell you it was one of the most amazing feelings to be back on stage after ten long months. I felt all the rushes of adrenaline and it really brought it home; it’s what performers live for and what gets us on stage doing what we love most. I’ve missed that feeling. Adreneline mixed with a touch of fear is the best legal high! However the anxiety was definitely also present on Saturday, not only because of the extraordinary lengths we had to go to in order to make it happen – no sooner had we all worked out what a substantial meal was, and they changed the rules again – the changing rules were so hard to keep up with, let alone understand. The biggest change for me during this ‘Tier 2’ production was having to ask my sizeable audience not to cheer, chant or sing as per Government instructions. This is to reduce ‘aerosol transmission’ thus not spreading germs! That’s the polar opposite of everything I’ve ever known because the beauty of cabaret, and my style of entertaining, is audience interaction and very close up and immersive experiences. I am extremely grateful to the amazing team who worked with me and can’t wait until next time.



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