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Vintage Supper Club

Guests will arrive from 5pm to be welcomed into this beautiful building and take a seat to mix and mingle with friends, new and old. I'll be singing some songs from my favourite eras - the 50s & 60s.

I want the atmosphere to be relaxed and cosy and 'supper clubbers' to enjoy this incredible space which - despite being a renovated chapel -  has a very homely and warm feel. I really felt this when I first paid a visit shortly after it's grand opening. Fish & Chip Supper will be served around 6pm and I want there to be chatter and laughter! I will provide the musical backdrop. Dancing is welcomed  - but isn't the key aim of this club - just as much as chilling out and people watching and soaking up the atmosphere. The evening wraps up at 8pm.

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—Pngtree—kraft paper tape fixing tape_5554353_edited.png

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