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When I was seven years old...

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

I went on my first big holiday to America to visit family, and I recall so many happy memories in my Aunt and Uncles pool, getting up to no good with my brother and three cousins. We were also incredibly lucky to go on a road trip to Disney Land! It was an amazing adventure and even though I was very young, I do remember some things that made a real impression on me. I don't recall much of the Disney experience but I do remember the journey there because of the hours we spent in the van, playing, reading and chatting. At some point during that journey, I was bought a comic that I immediately fell in love with, and now I realise that it was this that started my love of the 1950 aesthetic. I'm talking about Archie Comics which had tales of college life with gorgeous sassy female characters Betty & Veronica - seven year old me filled sketch books up with my doodles of them and I practiced their expressions and outfits until my hands hurt.

At that same time, my Aunt used to run her own business which provided the embroidery for the local college jackets and I thought they were 'so Archie' and really wished I could have one of my own but sadly it never happened. I did however get gifted a set of genuine college cheerleader Pom Poms which I still have to this day, albeit a bit moth eaten and straggly! The whole 'college' look appealed to me and Archie & his gang symbolised that for me.

I wish I had kept all the comics I collected during that 1978 holiday but sadly didn't!

Whiz forward 41 years... and after a lifetime of loving the 50s aesthetic, and having a successful little business that pays tribute to the era, it came time to deciding on some merchandise, and so I set about looking for the usual mugs, stickers and postcards. These items have all sold well for me however, 2019 is the year to supercharge everything! Not only will my VINTAGE WEEKENDER be another mind blowing adventure, but I have found a company who produces high quality college jackets and can add my gorgeous Sailor Jerry inspired logo in stunning embroidery!

I feel like all my Archie dreams have come true with this and I really hope others will love the jackets as much as I do!

Whilst my fabulous Yellow coats David & Amy and I have special versions with yellow sleeves, I am offering these Black/White versions for all of my wonderful customers, followers and friends. I can't wait to see everyone wearing them at Weekender in October, and as an extra special thanks, I'm offering to send a signed postcard to anyone who buys one, takes a photo and emails it to me so i can keep a little memories gallery.

The 7 year old me wouldn't believe what the 48 year old me is doing and I love that it all now makes sense!



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