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Tiers of a clown

Well I got that wrong didn’t I? I write a weekly column for The Chichester Observer and last weeks was written before we knew which tier we’d be in and I was obviously hoping for tier one so that my events could go ahead with the least amount of stress and hassle! Turns out, we are emerging from lockdown into tier two which, on reflection and in the stark reality, it now appears to be the most complicated of all three tiers. Tier three is pretty much the most restrictive and my events would have simply been cancelled/postponed no questions asked. Straight forward. Tier one would have been dreamy, but tier two is THE most complicated to understand and led to many sleepless nights having to make tough decisions about whether or not it’s viable to proceed with the events or not. The new rules came out on Friday and have changed once again with only days to go before I hit the real cabaret stage for the first time since January. My heart goes out to all of the hospitality industry who are trying to make sense of it and working with the rules in order to get back to business. Whilst I can’t wait to tread the boards again, I am also filled with anxiety fuelled adrenaline that I’m trying my best to direct positively. Time to pull up the show pants and put on a fantastic event. Want to come and show support? Booking details here BOOK EVENTS


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