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Someone pinch me!

Someone asked me recently what my 'end goal' was with my business and it kind of stumped me. I have so many dreams and goals that I've never really thought of an 'END' goal. It seems kind of final to even think about an 'end' but upon further questioning, it appears they were asking what my ULTIMATE goal is! Well, for anyone who has followed me for at least the past two years will know that my weekender has always been the ultimate dream.

It began to take shape when I trialed my first ever weekender in 2016 and I've been planning the next ever since. So now with the supercharged version being less than nine weeks away, I'm almost bubbling over with so many emotions ranging from excitement to terror! It's been such a journey with so many twists and turns along the way but it's nearly here and the final details are being planned. I checked the numbers last week and the venue Mill Rythe are very pleased with the bookings so far, and there's not many more tickets to go until I reach the end goal... for now.

Visit my weekender page here


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