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I don't even know where to begin

I’ll be totally honest with you. I haven’t been able to even look at my website for a few weeks. The world of entertainment has been turned on its head because of the global pandemic, with cancelled gigs, festivals and shows – I’ve had ALL of my bookings cancelled for the rest of 2020 and am still dealing with refunds for events I’ve had to cancel myself. However, the final punch in the stomach came a few weeks ago when I was told that Mill Rythe, the venue for my beloved Vintage Weekender, would not be reopening for the rest of the year (and who knows beyond!) and therefore the event was to be cancelled. Initially my sympathy was with all the staff that have lost their jobs and of course holiday makers who have had their plans change but it took a few days to sink in that everything I’ve worked for since 2016 had gone. It hit me like an emotional tidal wave (you may have seen this in my eyes during the live streams on my facebook page) The years of slogging away and investing tens of thousands into my dream event so that one day it would finally turn a profit (or even break even!). October 2020 was going to be THE year and much to everyones joy - espeically my bank! - the Weekender had practically sold out by February. I’m still struggling to put into words how devastated I am about it being cancelled, and it’s been even more upsetting because my default ‘plan b’ super woman mode can’t even do anything about it. I've been faced with SO many challenges and obstacles over the years but this one is one I can't control. There’s no view in sight of hospitality being able to open up again and so I can’t even book a venue as an alternative. It’s just all so sad. I’ll stop this blog here and thank you for your patience while I gather myself ready for the next step



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