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Get into the groove with burlesque

Pump up the volume and prepare yourselves for a workshop like no other!

Burlesque doesn't have any limitations when it comes to possible themes. I have said many times during the past seven years of teaching this wonderful, empowering art form, that literally anything can be applied to burlesque and it's my job to open your eyes to how it can be done via a range of poses, moves, props and of course a fabulous group routine!

Next week, I will be back in Worthing & Chichester for my TWO HOUR time hopping workshops where up to 20 people in each session can bop to some top smash hits from the era that saw the Queen of pop bounce on to the scene with a 'devil may care' attitude, and I LOVED IT!

The 13 year old me fell in love with Madonna and all these years later, when I discovered burlesque, I realised why. Her completely unapologetic attitude and absolute determination to show the world that she meant business and was here to stay, just made me punch the air a la 'Girl Power', a decade before The Spice Girls even knew each other!

Come along to embrace the power of burlesque whilst enjoying some classic hits! Feel free to either come dressed in 80s attire, or simply come as you are as long as you are comfortable and can have free movement.

Bring: Heels (that you can walk in), spare bra (yes, an extra one to pop over the top of clothes for some peel practice) Optional: Pasties (Nipple covers, tasselled or not. You can try these over the top of bra or give it a spin for real. No pressure!)

Workshop dates & Locations

Time 7pm - 9pm Please arrive from 6.50pm

Price £16pp Cancellations within 24 hours are not subject to a refund

I hope to see you next week, and please do note that from the beginning of the year, I opened these workshops up to people of all genders because burlesque is for everyone. You can however, rest assured that I take privacy of all students very seriously and fully monitor who books and that their reasons for coming are the right ones.

If you have any queries or questions, please don't hesitate to contact me ahead of booking/coming

Love and lashes

Dawn x



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