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Everyone knows I'm passionate about body positivity, confidence and unique experiences to enhance both of these. Back in 2016 I came up with the concept of Cheeky Chalet. During my debut Vintage Weekender, guests were invited to book a boudior shoot experience with ace photographer Ash Black, who set up with her backdrop in a secret chalet location on site. It raised so many giggles as we would spot ladies sneaking to the secret chalet for their appointments with Ash, armed with a little bag of undies or vintage attire. Our 'cheekies' had a blast and Ash didn't stop all weekend!

Ash prefers to use natural lighting and I can tell you from first hand experience and the feedback from 2016 that this wonderfully welcoming photographer can get the best from her subjects with only the minimal amount of equipment. This is a real skill and Ash has it!

So I knew that Cheeky Chalet had to return for my next Weekender and Ash was the obvious choice once again to capture the vintage kittens attending the 3 day experience.

I think you'll agree that our cover girl Alexandra looks positively glorious - and we're looking forward to seeing her back this year.

Check out Ash Black's website


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