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Awarded for services to my City

I was honoured with a Civic Award for my services to Chichester this month. Being presented this award by the Mayor of Chichester was quite overwhelming and to have my friends Kate & Zoe beside me during the event (not to mention Dame Patricia Routledge) was perfect mainly because they submitted applications as to why I should be considered by the council for recognition.

I have known Kate for around nine years and she has followed my career and supported me through some very trying times. She’s even sustained a broken toe on my behalf but that’s another story! I have known Zoe and her partner Nikki for around four years and again, they have been regular faces and voices of support during that time. Zoe has also been an invaluable part of my ‘behind the scenes’ crew, lending me her brain on a regular basis with all things tech and strategy. These two people felt compelled to put me forward and I couldn’t be more grateful for the recognition.

It was such a wonderful and heart warming ceremony where various notable local people and places were presented with awards, from medallions to building plaques (I’m working on that one!) and we all listened as each winner told their story and I have to say, I learnt a lot about things that are right under my nose!. I am so grateful to the others who nominated me and to the panel who felt me worthy of a Civic Award for bringing alternative entertainment to the City, the voluntary work I do and my work with the LGBTQ+ community and of course Chichester Pride.


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