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Vintage Weekender

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Dawn's Vintage Weekender 2024 | 4-7th October 2024

3-nights. Residential. Immersive. Adults only. Vintage fun.

My Vintage Weekenders are produced by me and hosted by Warner Leisure at the stunning Lakeside Coastal Village on Hayling Island. Designed for adults seeking immersive, vintage fun! I'm proud to say they bring a diverse community together to celebrate vintage, kitsch, retro and nonsense!

Call: O23 9246 3976

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3 Nights. 3 Eras.

Each Vintage Weekender focuses on three core themes.This year, it's 60s', 80s' and 50's, with many themes intertwined within each day. Dressing up is welcomed and optional - your enjoyment is what matters most to me, so you do you! More information on eras and themes here!


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Describe the key features of the service and how users can benefit from it.


Describe the key features of the service and how users can benefit from it.


80% of chalets sold out already!

★ Vintage Entertainment and live bands EVERY evening ★

We looked around to find like-minded souls who were there just to have fun and explore the realms of Dawn's fabulousness mashed together to create the magic of weekender! We re-booked whilst we were there!

A Brief History...

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The very first Vintage Weekender was back in 2016, because of my successful Kickstarter campaign. I will forever be thankful to those "backers" for believing in me and helping my vintage dreams become a reality. The feedback from the event was overwhelmingly positive and has helped me shape and grow the event to what it is going to be later on this year in October 2023 Nothing is more important than providing an inclusive, immersive experience for people of all ages and backgrounds to come and enjoy, with a huge helping of kitsch thrown in just for good measure! A long weekend away with me is guaranteed to have you smiling, I can't wait to do it all over again! 

2024 Vintage Weekender Themes

2023 weekender themes


Freaky Fifties 

From the moment you arrive, I want you to feel like you've been transported back to another time. For this welcome to Weekender, we will embody the early 60s when colours were bold and blocky and hair was structured and often gravity defying.

The Weekender hair & beauty parlour will be open in the afternoon until supper and if the ladies fancy booking ahead and treating themselves to an updo or beehive, the booking diary will open soon

The afternoon activities involve a groovy dance workshop, quizzes and of course all the on-site facilities.


Friday | 50s

Haunting Hayling