Starlets Fan Dance Workshops

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The art of fan dance

Enjoy a bit of 'me time' doing something you may have never tried before

You may have zero aspirations to ever perform in public, or perhaps you secretly wish you had the confidence to get on a stage

Either way, this Starlets workshop will give you freedom to embrace the beautiful and empowering art of burlesque style fan dancing 

Please note, there's no striptease or nudity but moves where it's implied and explored are fully embraced

The perfect pick me up if you feel that you deserve it

All genders (over 16) welcome

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Starlets Burlesque Workshops Relaunch

In March 2020 the world came to a halt becasue of Covid! I had just packed away my dance shoes after my burlesque workshop and then boom we were all locked in out houses. I started back up again with Fan Dance work shops which have proven very popular but now feels like the right time to get back in the burlesque saddle.


This July sees the 10th Anniversary of me starting 'Starlet Daze School of Burlesque' and so I'm bringing back the monthly Weds evening workshops but simply named Starlets Burlesque.


It's time to relight the fire and get our sass on and what better way to do it than a Saturday fun day on 30th July at one of my original workshop venues (Bracklesham Barn) in 2012 -  includes two workshops, talks and a professional performance & meet 'n' greet!

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Starlet: Diva, Leading lady, Superstar, Somebody, Aspire, Talent, Hero


The monthly workshops are back in Chichester every other month on a Wednesday evening (why not?)

This highly empowering session will contain some basic skills, with progressions plus a full routine that develops the art of tease and confidence. 

With a full choreographed routine designed to gather and showcase the moves learnt during each session. There is no need to book for a course as each session is a standalone show, yet you can come back time and time again to join in the fun

These workshops are not designed for professional dancers and can be enjoyed by all ages (18+) and abilities

The objective is to uplift, develop and light a spark to make you shine like the Starlet you are

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Terms of booking

Please note that workshops are beginner level and no previous dance experience necessary. However, all attendees must be able to engage in moderate level of exercise. All abilities are accepted but if you do have specific limitations that I need to be aware of, please contact me prior to booking so that I can ensure the studio can cater for your needs and any routines can be adjusted to allow full participation. If an attendee is not feeling well due to temporary illness please inform me asap so that spaces can be released and fee refunded. 

Any persons booking who wish to cancel within 24 hours of the workshop will forfeit the fee and refunds only given at the discretion of myself

All property brought to the workshop is full responsibility of the owner and no liability for loss or damage will be passed on