Burlesque Workshops

Why do I teach burlesque?

When I first began my journey into vintage entertainment, I wanted to learn how to be more pin-up and able to carry off the glamorous outfits I performed in. Combining my love of the cheeky style of artist Gil Elvgren and my admiration for the stage presence of my favourite burlesque performers, I set about educating myself in this fabulous art of theatrical tease.

Having been a sales and confidence coach in my previous career, it seemed to be the natural step to combine all my theory and stage skills learnt, thus sharing this wonderful, liberating art form with 'everyday' ladies who wanted a piece of the action. I have developed my own teaching methods to bring out the best in people and a few hours spent at my workshops will leave you walking on air.

I've decided to cheer everyone up during lockdown 3 and offer a FREE

workshop open to all (over 18) 

You need to have a private space away from prying eyes so that you can truly let go and immerse yourself in the fun!

Send me a message to book a place